Realistic Pyrotechnic Training Simulators

PR Tactical Corporation creates realistic pyrotechnic training simulators, OPFOR equipment and firing systems for military units and public safety agencies. Our mission is to stress-inoculate war fighters and public safety personnel against the disorienting effects of explosions.

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PR-Pyro™ create the blast, noise, smoke, heat, flash and smell of explosions without the dangers of over pressure, shrapnel, fragmentation or extreme decibel levels. PR-Pyro™ OPFOR munitions and equipment provide battle scene realism with a high degree of safety.

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Why Us?

Realistic Training Pyrotechnics for America’s Military & Law Enforcement

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Featured Products

PR Pyro™ IED 1N

PR-Pyro™ Fire Bomb Simulators

PR-Pyro™ RPG Launcher Simulator