Each act of terrorism on American soil inspires more such attacks.
As you read this, countless plots are being hatched, and exhaustive training is being conducted. Will your department be ready when terrorists strike your town? If you’re not sure … you’re probably not ready.

PR Tactical Corporation is ready to train your personel to meet the challange.

IEDs are cheap and easy to make. They will be used in your city as they have been on the battlefields of the Middle East.

The RPG is a standard issue weapon for terrorists and rogue states. RPGs may find there way to the streets of America, and the PR-PYRO™ RPG simulator will help you train to defeat them.

Law Enforcement
The online Al-Qaeda magazine “Inspire” has one purpose: the radicalization of disgruntled misfits with the aim of killing Americans and destroying Western culture from within. Even so-called “lone wolf” terrorists get their inspiration and training from international radicals.