Model Number: PR-DWD1

Six-circuit remote control initiator kit.

6-Shot Receiver, with internal antenna
Hand-held Transmitter, 1/2 mile range
External Dipole Antenna


The PR Tactical Corporation’s PR-DWD1 is our workhorse remote wireless firing system. It consists of a PR12x transmitter capable of firing up to seventy-two cues, and our deluxe wireless receiver with two antennas. This receiver will fire up to six cues in series. This is a perfect system for firing multiple IEDs in one location. It gives the trainer the ability to set up six munitions for repetitious scenarios without reloading after each shot.

The system works on the 418 mHz band like our multiple receiver kits and 12-cue receiver. The system is encrypted for safety and comes in a weather resistant case with an internal antenna and an additional six foot dipole antenna to increase the range. The normal operating range is up to ½ mile with direct line of sight.