Model Number: PR-PyroTM 12-Shot RCVR

  • 12 separate firing circuits
  • Encrypted reception on 418 MHz
  • Can receive firing signal on six channels fromanyPR-PyroTM 12-ShotTransmitter (not included)
  • 18 volt, 3 amp operation
  • Battery strength and circuit continuity indicators
  • Separate power-on and arming switches
  • Built into weatherproof box

Indicator Lights

  1. Power On: Flashing green light. Number of flashes in sequence indicates battery strength, 4 flashes = strongest battery, 1 = low battery strength.
  2. Arm Test: Flashing red light indicates Power on and Armed.
  3. Circuit Test/No Munitions Wired: 12 red lights on.
  4. Circuit Test/Munitions Wired: #7 red light out indicates munition wired with good connection on #7.

The PR Tactical 12 Shot Receiver works on the same 418 mHz band as our other systems, but it is designed for multiple iterations of the same event such as on a driving track or repetitious IED events. It is user programmable for all six channels available on the PR12X transmitters and comes with our six-foot dipole antenna. It will fire twelve separate cues in series, so the trainer doesn’t have to reload each time. The transmitters for our other systems work on these receivers. The user can order a separate 12X receiver on a different channel if desired.