Model Number: PR Remote Kit (4) or (6)

Each Kit contains 1 Transmitter and 4 or 6 Receivers.

  • 1/ 2 mile line of sight range from transmitter to receivers.
  • Transmitter programmable for six channels.
  • Receivers in weatherproof Pelican boxes.
  • Encrypted signal transmission and reception on 418 MHz.
  • Separate Power-On and Arming switches on receivers and transmitter.
  • Battery strength indicators on transmitter and receiver.
  • Circuit continuity check on receivers.
  • Power source: 9-volt battery.
  • 2 circuits per receiver, independently fired for a maximum of 8 or 12 separate firing events.
  • Each circuit capable of firing multiple electric matches.
The PR Tactical Corporation’s remote wireless firing systems kits are designed for trainers that need to set up several IED scenarios in different locations, but want only one transmitter to fire them all. The kits come with a handheld transmitter capable of firing up seventy-two cues and either four or six two-cue receivers. The receivers contain highly sensitive narrow band technology and are locked into 418mHz. They can be designed to receive frequencies on request.

The effective range of the transmitter is ½ mile with direct line of sight. The receivers need to be elevated at least 24” off the ground to achieve the maximum range. Optional six foot dipole antennas are available for this elevation. This is a very safe system that uses digital encryption to exclude 418mHz signals from other sources. The cues will only fire when they receive a signal from their transmitter.

The system is powered by replaceable 9-volt batteries available everywhere. The receiver circuitry is housed in a durable, weather resistant case and is user programmable.