Model # : PR-Pyro C1

Firing System: Electric Match
Dimensions: 3″ in x 3.25″ in
Weight: 12oz
Body Material: Fiber Board
Noise level:  Medium
UN Number: 0431
Proper Shipping Name: Article, Pyrotechnic
Labels Required: 1.4G
Tube Color: Black
Minimum Standoff Distance: 5 meters

The PR-Pyro-C1 claymore simulator munition produces a superior visual battlefield special effect (BFX). Upon discharge it throws pyrotechnic sparking material approximately 20 feet in the air and emits a strong smoke cloud. The sparks spread out at the top to create the illusion of a much larger explosion. Although the claymore munition does produce modest bang, it is not very loud. The PR-Pyro-C1 is best used in conjunction with other PR-Pyro concussion simulators such as IED1N, Mini-IED, or IED2L to create a more robust BFX event. A combination of one C1 claymore and three IED1N simulators fired from the PR-SIM3 stand creates an impressive explosion illusion  that can be seen by aircraft crews or drones at altitude.

Suggested uses: road side bombs, bomb hits, VBIEDs, best used with IED1N or Mini- IED