Model Numbers:
PR-Pyro™ C1 (Small, 3 gm)
PR-Pyro™ C2 (Medium, 6 gm)
PR-Pyro™ C3 (Large, 9 gm)
PR-Pyro™ C1S (With Sparks, Small, 3 gm)
PR-Pyro™ C2S (With Sparks, Medium, 6 gm)
PR-Pyro™ C3S (With Sparks, Large, 9 gm)
Firing System: 6-foot Electric Match
Noise level:
Small- 120 dB
Medium- 140 dB
Large- 160 dB
UN Number: 0431
Proper Shipping Name: Articles, Pyrotechnic
Hazard Class: 1.4G
MSD: 3 meters
Package type: 1.4G
Discharge Characteristics: Upon firing, mylar bag explodes with flash and loud bang (and sparks on S models). No fragmentation

The PR-Pyro Concussion Packs are a convenient way to set up bullet strikes or other multi shot scenarios. They come in three sizes and two compositions. Sized small, medium, and large, with or without sparks, they make excellent small IEDs, bullet shots, or distractions. They are small plastic bundles that can easily hidden or camouflaged. The small and medium concussion packs are ideal for indoor scenarios such as booby traps, or gun shots in an active shooter training session. The large concussion packs are more appropriate for outdoor use, but there is no dangerous fragmentation from any size. They can be used in close proximity to personnel safely.