• Model Number: PR-Pyro FB1 Small
• Model Number: PR-Pyro FB2 Medium
• Model Number: PR-Pyro FB3 Large

Spectacular fireball simulates incendiary IED for dramatic and realistic battlefield effect.

Firing System: Electric Match
Body Material: Plastic
UN Number: 0431
Proper Shipping Name: Articles, Pyrotechnic
Hazard Class: 1.4G

PR-PyroT M FB1

PR-Pyro FB2

PR-PyroT M FB3

The PR-Pyro Firebomb simulators are useful as an outdoor Battlefield Special Effect (BFX). Upon initiation by the electric match the firebomb simulator will explode with a bang and produce a bright orange fireball and thick black smoke, which quickly dissipates in the wind. The burning naphthalene may continue to burn for a short period before burning out, and the only debris is the plastic container, which usually is ejected in one or two pieces near the site of the blast.

They are ideal for use as IED or vehicle bomb strikes. They come in three sizes: ½ kilo FB1, 1 kilo FB2, and 2 kilo FB3. The bursting charge and electric match comes already installed. These are a fire hazard and must be used only by trained and certified personnel. The effect can be seen from combat altitude and is ideal for training aircrews.