Model # : PR-Pyro – IED2L
Small IED simulator use INDOOR or OUTDOOR

Firing System: Electric Match
Dimensions: 4” x 7/8”
Body material: Laminated Paper
Noise Level: 140dB
UN Number: 0431
DOT Hazard Class: 1.4G 
Minimum Standoff Distance: 3 Meters

Discharge Characteristics:
Upon firing, the device emits a loud bang, moderate flash, and minimum smoke from the top of the tube with NO FRAGMENTATION. 

The PR-Pyro IED-2L indoor/outdoor training simulator is perfect for indoor training scenarios where too much noise and smoke are not wanted. The 140db output is loud enough to be noticed by trainees with hearing protection in another room, but not so loud that the blast wave will damage furniture or personnel in close proximity. The flash has a low fire hazard potential.

The PR-Pyro IED-2L produces a flash that is visible indoors or outdoors in the dark. It also produces a good bang and minimal smoke for use in confined areas. There is, of course, no fragmentation. The IED-2L can be use as a single simulator munition or in pods of multiple munitions. It can be used in combination with other PR-Pyro simulator munitions as well. There is an optional holding stand available for single munitions. The IED-2L can be fired on command electrically by any of the PR Tactical electric firing systems, remote or hard wired.

Suggested uses: indoor IEDs, bullet strikes.