Model Numbers:
PR-Pyro™ Mini Blast
Model Number: PR-Pyro™ Mini Blast
Firing System: Electric Match, 3 meters
Dimensions: 1” x 2”
Body Material: Laminated Paper
Noise level: 130-140 dB
Min. Standoff Dist: 5 meters
Proper Shipping Name: Articles, Pyrotechnic
Hazard Class: 1.4G, UN 0431
Discharge Characteristic: Upon firing, this device deflagrates completely with a loud bang. Shoot 2, 3 or more together for a larger effect.

The PR-Pyro-Mini Blast is very loud exploding IED simulator that can be used in a variety of training scenarios. The Mini Blast is wax coated for waterproof deployment in any weather. It can be used individually or in groups to magnify the effect. Bury them 6 inches in the ground, cover them with screened dirt, Fullers Earth or sand for a cannonball effect. They can also be used to magnify the sound of any of our battlefield special effects (BFX). They are very powerful and do explode, so use with extreme caution.


Mini Blast

PR-Pyro™ Mini Blast Munition