Model #: PR-Pyro Mortar 1N, 2N & 3N

Firing System:

Electric match
7 1/4” x 1 1/4”  
Body material:
High impact Polystyrene
Noise level:
Report 140dB whistle 120dB
Un Number: 0431
Dot Hazard class: 1.46
Minimum Standoff: 5 meters

Loud aerial blast 140 dB in 1.5 sec. 
Range: 50M

Loud whistle with 140 dB report in 1.5 sec. 
Range: 50M

Loud whistle for 2 sec. No report

The new PR Tactical ground mortar simulator munitions are now packaged in the same high impact polystyrene material as our benchmark IED-1N munitions. They are lightweight and weather resistant. The Mortar 1N, 2N, and 3N simulator munitions can be set up to fire over the heads of trainees or their vehicles and can be fired remotely using all PR firing systems. They will fit into all the PR Tactical simulator stands, or they may be set up in the ground or on buildings or vehicles.

Three styles give the trainer flexibility in staging the battlefield special effects (BFX) he desires for the most realistic training. The 1N style fires a report charge 50 meters up with very little traceable signature. The 1N fires its bombette 1.5 seconds after launch and yields a loud blast with no fragmentation. The 3N fires its whistle straight up and last for approximately 2 seconds with no report. The 2N is a combination whistle and report charge that sounds just like incoming bombardment. The 2N report yields the same blast as the 1N. Range is approximately 50 meters straight up. Use separately or in combination with other PR-Pyro™ battlefield special effects simulator munitions.

Suggested uses: Mortar hits above ground.