PR-Pyro™ Throwable Grenade Simulator
Model number PR-Pyro-TG1

Firing System: 6-sec. Delay Fuse
Dimensions: 8.25″ x 0.8″dia.
Weight: 1.0oz.
Body Material: Cardboard tube
Noise level: at 5 feet 160dB
UN Number: 0431
Proper Shipping Name: Articles, Pyrotechnic
Hazard Class: 1.4G
Labels Required: Explosive 1.4G
Package type: 4G Fiberboard
Min. Stand off Distance: 3 meters

The PR-Pyro™ Throwable Grenade Simulator provides light-weight Strike-and-Throw capability –an instantaneous and dramatic battle field effect for maximum realism in dynamic training situations. No set up. React quickly to changing situations. Just strike and throw.

The PR-Pyro™ Throwable Grenade simulator is an ideal training device for kinetic training scenarios. They will produce a vey loud bang with no fragmentation.

The PR-Pyro™ TG1 is sold in boxes of five simulators and five separate strikers. When used in conjunction with other PR-Pyro™ battlefield special effects (BFX), the trainer can vary the level of stress on trainees for maximum realism with a high degree of safety.

Trainees must always wear hearing and eye protection as well as other personal protective equipment as may be required by the venue.

The six second delay fuse gives trainers plenty of time to throw the TG-1 where ever it needs to be for effect and safety.

Suggested uses: dynamic combat training, ambushes, building clearing, or where ever you need an unpredictable blast.