Model Number: PR-Pyro™ RPG-1C

Weight: 11 lbs ( 33 lbs in case )
HDPE Construction
No Back Blast
Munition Range: 75 meters
Rugged Construction

Will Only fire PR-Pyro™ Special Effects Munitions:
RPG1 – Report Only
RPG2 – Report & Tracer
RPG3 – Tracer Only
RPG4 – Squib Load, Muzzle Signature Only

Working replica of the infamous RPG-7 launcher; fires 4 types of PR-Pyro munitions.

Upgrade tubes available:
38mm, 50mm, or 60mm

The PR-Pyro™ RPG munitions are fired from the PR-RPG1 simulator. There are four 30mm versions and one 38mm version. PR-Pyro™ 1N, 2N, 3N, and 4N are fired from the 30mm rocket tube that comes standard with the RPG simulator. The Magnum RPG3S is fired from the optional 38mm rocket tube. There are four 30mm RPG simulators currently available; three (1N-3N) fire a projectile and one (4N) is a blank. The RPG projectiles have an average range of 75 meters. RPG-1N fires a report charge (bombette) only; it produces a loud blast after 1.5 seconds flight. RPG-3N is a comet only. The comet leaves a familiar smoking trail for its entire flight and burns out in the air leaving no residue.

The RPG-2N is a combination of both comet and bombette and is our most popular RPG munition. It flies approximately 75 meters leaving a smoking trail and explodes with a loud bang after 1.5 seconds.

The RPG-4N fires from the rocket tube with a muzzle signature only. The 4N is popular with training venues that are restricted for safety reasons to a “no untethered projectiles” policy. The RPG-4N can also be a very realistic effect when used with other PR-Pyro™ munitions to set up a hit zone on a building or vehicle. The target is already set up with the blast pyro and is “blown up” in conjunction with the RPG shot.

The Magnum RPG-3S is a comet only projectile with a range of about 150 meters. It leaves a distinct smoking trail and burns up in the air.

Suggested uses: RPG shots, SAM shots, long range mortar hits.